But it's not the end of what I do! I'm still on Neocities here!

This site has been discontinued.

Hi. TJ here. This site was a project done in January 2019, and was an attempt to recopy what I had of an older R&S site, but make it look more "Geocities". Unfortuantely, I haven't had much inspiration to work on this, and rather would NOT keep working on it, as I've moved on to do things that I like better, like pursuing my passion in animation and music. The reason the site has been taken down is because it really wasn't well made. Yeah, it's Neocities - a reincarnation of all those HTML sites you'd see, but I really just did not like the way I made it. I made it feel too old, rather than what I actually wanted to present. And, since I've discontinued the site, I won't be redesigning it. So, apologies if you did want to come back.

I'd like to thank the people who made 5,000 views to this site possible. I really enjoyed working on this until, you know, I didn't. So, thank you to all of you, whether you liked it or not!

Until then, I'll see on my other site. TJ